Namban Oporto Kitchen Café

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4 out of 5 stars
Namban Oporto Kitchen Café - Sopa
Namban Oporto Kitchen
Namban Oporto Kitchen Café
Namban Oporto Kitchen Café

Miguel Cunha and Sako Arao had a place – also located in the Galerias Lumière – where they sold take-away meals; the place was tiny, so they couldn't have tables. They closed down that micro-restaurant and opened the slightly larger Namban Oporto Kitchen Café. The lunch menu costs €8.50 and includes soup, a vegetarian, meat or fish main course, three side dishes, onigiri (a Japanese rice ball) and flavoured water. But if you make this a daily habit, you won't get bored – the dishes keep changing. Besides, there is always a dessert of the day, including the typical Japanese anmitsu (coconut cream and strawberry jelly), blue bean paste and green tea granita.


Venue name: Namban Oporto Kitchen Café
Address: Galerias Lumière
Rua José Falcão, 157 - Loja 1
Opening hours: Mon-Fri noon-4pm; Sat 1pm-4pm
Price: Up to €20
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