Augmented Humans

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Augmented Humans
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Augmented Humans says
Imagine. You simply think it and it's done. You don a wearable and enhance your natural strength and resilience. Or you add a tattoo and store information or control your phone or tablet.
Thought-provoking, isn't it?

Once the exclusive purview of science fiction, human augmentation (also known as human enhancement, transhumanism, or H+) is becoming reality. Today's innovations in science and technology are creating the human of tomorrow.

Our presenters help us to understand the potential of innovation and technology to dramatically expand human capabilities.

Internationally recognized science fiction writer, Greg Bear, kicks the evening off with a brief introduction.

Neuroscientist and sound artist Tom Deuel, MD, PhD explores the power of the brain to control a range of activities, including muscial instruments. He'll also demonstrate his Encephalophone, a musical instrument controlled directly and in real time from brain signals.

Russ Angold discusses the innovations is exoskeleton technology that enable us to rethink current physical limitations and achieve the remarkable.

At the conclusion of our program, Greg Bear leads a Town Hall-style Q&A session to address questions from the audience.

Join us October 19 to explore the innovations and challenges of creating tomorrow's stronger, faster and smarter human.
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By: MIT Enterprise Forum of the Northwest