Dance Like A Man, By Mahesh Dattani

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Dance Like A Man, By Mahesh Dattani
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Dance Like A Man, By Mahesh Dattani says
Pratidhwani presents
Dance Like a Man

A Play in English, by Mahesh Dattani
Directed by Agastya Kohli
Jay Athalye, Tanvee Kale, Abhijeet Rane and Meenakshi Rishi

A brilliant study of human relationships framed by the age-old battle between tradition and youthful rebellion, Dance Like a Man has been hailed as one of the best works of the dramatic imagination in recent times.

Jairaj and his wife Ratna, aging Bharatnatyam dancers, are focused on their daughter Lata's upcoming performance at a high-profile dance festival. Meanwhile, Lata nervously awaits the meeting between her parents and the man she wishes to marry. In the conversations that follow, the fissures in Jairaj and Ratna's relationship explode into high-strung battles. The younger couple has their own issues to contend with, as Lata attempts to balance her ambitions with those of her parents. Is the older generation always right? Is the younger generation always rebellious? Do we all become our parents?

Stage Manager: Dheeraj Mehta
Assistant Stage Manager: Akshay Johar
Props and Costume design: Pallavi Garg, Swati Srivastav
Scenic design: David Hsieh
Scenic construction: Gerard Menendez
Sound design: Tushar Sugandhi
Lights design: Steve Cooper
Running crew: Omkar Kulkarni
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By: Pratidhwani

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