Garek J. Druss, Immensity Without Horizon

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Garek J. Druss, Immensity Without Horizon
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Garek J. Druss, Immensity Without Horizon says

11 MAY - 3 JUNE

This May, Bridge is excited to present artist and composer Garek J. Druss' ethereal and dynamic abstract works in video, music, watercolor, and sculpture.

Garek Druss is a Seattle-based sound and visual artist who explores the balance between our physical corporeal being, and our incorporeal or non-being. Druss stimulates a catalyst for participants to feel a deep sense of mysticism and wonder at the experience of being human within an expansive universe. The title of the show, Immensity Without Horizon, refers our limitless ability to perceive the world with potential beyond imagination; an acknowledgement of the beauty in experiences or environments bigger than ourselves. Druss’ philosophy is rooted in the feeling that awe in the vastness and beauty; and sometimes horror; of our universe is a unanimously human experience, bonding us together in a sense of the Sublime.

For Immensity Without Horizon, Druss has created a series of works that quietly underscore the resonant space one feels at the peak of meditative presence, ego death, or release in the midst of the Sublime. The visual pieces in the show are calm, featuring subdued washes of color and pleasing geometrical graphite lines and folds. A series of large watercolor and graphite drawings line the walls of the gallery, gently hovering and vibrating in harmony. Four folded paper sculptures, placed upon mirrored plinths at varying heights, feature soft drawings on their undersides, facing down. Their compositions are only revealed as we lean in close to observe the cast of their image reflected up towards us; unveiling another world, infinitely repeating.

The central focus of the exhibition is an immersive installation of folded paper, sound, and video projection. The prismatic wave of the wall sculpture reflects and refracts the geometry of the video, which pulses and flickers across the paper in a radiant array of subtle color shifts and form. The visuals are meditative and captivating, accompanied by a languid musical score. This soundscape, combined with shimmering subtle color, provokes a strong emotional response; manifesting empathy and unity with other nearby participants who, like us, are bathed in light and sound. As an environment that stimulates multiple sensory responses, Immensity Without Horizon provokes contemplation, thinking, and feeling as a meaningful, communal interaction. Throughout his efforts in recreating the Sublime, Druss inspires a dialog on the metabolization of self-reflection and spirituality in contemporary Western culture.

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By: Bridge Productions

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