The Seamonster Presents: Civil Discourse (Chapter Iv)

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The Seamonster Presents: Civil Discourse (Chapter Iv)
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The Seamonster Presents: Civil Discourse (Chapter Iv) says
Alex Mortland: Guitar
Kathy Moore: Guitar
Jeremy Lightfoot: Bass
Bill Ray: Drums

Civil Discourse! A continuing series of collective instrumental improvisation adventures at The Seamonster, every first Sunday of the month!

June 5th 2016 brings us the fourth chapter, in which our foolhardy hero (Alex Mortland, guitar) once again teams up with his longest-running bass buddy (Jeremy Lightfoot), his newest & asskickingest drummer pal (Bill Ray) and his far-and-away-favorite fellow guitarist in Seattle (Kathy Moore) for a headcutting session the likes of which you hain't never seen nowheres.

Civil Discourse is decentralized, and no individual controls it nor chooses its stylistic destination. That being said, we CAN surmise that the noses of psych/art-rock, dub, electronica & rootsy stews will be tickled throughout the evening, based on the inclinations & histories of those involved.

Or CAN we?
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