Festival284: A Better Tomorrow


Steve jobs once said, “One way to remember who you are is to remember who your heroes are.” So look back and reexamine who they are, what was it about the person of or thing that inspired you, that made you look up to them/it? To help you with this process, Culture Station Seoul 284 has gathered contemporary art pieces that contemplates the meaning of personal hero’s and what our society has come to think of these being’s that have been presented the title. Separated into 3 sections, ‘Who Defines a Hero?,’ ‘My Little Big Hero,’ and ‘Here comes the Sun,’ A new perspective can be found in redefining who your hero’s may be. To begin, outside is an alter designed by architect Kim Kwangsoo showcasing pictures of ordinary people under a vinyl house. As you walk through, a light gleeful sensation sweeps as sets of pictures portraying people’s heroic figure and personal alter are representative of happy moments in life. Of the 300 slots available, 100 slots are still open to anyone would like to have their hero included in the alter. Another interactive piece is Being Faust-Enter Mephisto. Although you have to register online to take part, the digitalized game integrating online social media with reality where you become the Faust and play against the devil Mephisto gives insight into how far you are willing to go to buy success. Finally, other than the physical exhibition, the festival will have a wide array of performances and screenings that you can check on their website. Festival284: A Better Tomorrow, represented by 70 artists from 8 different countries, is a collection of artistic stories about heroes.

By: Chuljunsung


Event phone: 02-3407-3500
Event website: http://www.seoul284.org/
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