Under My Skin

“October 2nd. The cry of my mother's weak heart could barely be heard and she just survived each day on one aspirin after another, waiting for the day of surgery.” This is a line that the artist Lee Seop wrote in her diary while caring for her sick mother. This private thought is now displayed behind glass and inside a frame on the wall of a gallery. Along with Lee, seven other young Korean artists are participating in this exhibit, each relaying their personal experiences and memories. A painting of what looks like an angry gorilla waving around a bloody axe has been birthed from the imagination of Lee Dong-guen. But don’t assume his work comes easy. He starts a piece by researching a new place he’s never experienced and writing a short novel by imagining the location’s atmosphere. The story’s plot serves as the foundation for the concept behind the painting and in the end, all of it comes from the mind of Lee. The video installation, “A Man From Afar”, by Ham Hye-kyeung, pieces together what seems like snippets of a larger film and is accompanied by the subtitle: “In countries everybody wants to be in, there still exists poor and miserable people.” As the exhibit title, “Under My Skin,” suggests, the work challenges viewers to look beneath the surface. By engaging with the work, you may find yourself tumbling further into the depths of the world from afar.


Event phone: 02-3219-0271
Event website: http://hitecollection.com/