Dom bingsu of JW Marriott Dondaemun Square Seoul


Reputed as "the most expensive bingsu in the country," this "luxurious bingsu” is incredibly popular in spite of its price (80,000 won for two people). Atop the ice flakes, they add a strawberry salad made of lemon rind and strawberry coulis along with raspberry passion fruit sherbet and decorate it with cotton candy, edible rose petals and gold shavings. A glass of Dom Pérignon is included, which you can pour over the bingsu. Pearl bingsu is being added to the menu as well. This dessert is made of fruit salad, yoghurt ice cream, yuzu, passion fruit coulis and pearl chocolates. You can also take part in their event where you get pearl earrings, which are worth about 100,000 won.


Event phone: 02-2276-3000
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