A mouthwatering classical performance

Music, Classical and opera

Chef Kwon Woo-jong and violinist Kim Sang-jin team up for appetizing classical music

The follow up to the ever-popular cooking show? The cooking concert, of course. This unique combination, dubbed “cook-con” for short, will be held as a series—the first under the theme of spring ingredients and music. Chef Kwon Woo-jong of the new Korean restaurant Kwonsooksoo, will head the cooking, while top Korean violinist Kim Sang-jin will share his stories. In addition to traditional Korean spring ingredients, music inspired by spring will be played at the cook-con. Unfortunately, the food can only be seen and heard, not tasted. But if you find classical music boring, this cook-con may be an easy entry into this complex musical world and the original concept of a cook-con is fresh and interesting.