UFO Creative

UFO Creative

Vandalist, best described as chic, vivid, raw and pure, is a fashion brand started by a Yeonsei University graduate in the year 2006. Vandal, also known as Heemin Yang, created his brand in menswear to cross traditional boundaries through the idea of vandalism and creative destruction. In celebration of the brand’s 10 year anniversary, Vandal is coming together with 3 musical artists to present UFO Creative, a combination of a fashion show and electronic pop/rock concert. The 3 bands include Mot, a jazzy rock indie band; La Baie, a new genre of chic and pop; and finally Neonbunny, a solo artist who won the Best Pop Album (Seoulight) for the 2012 Korean Music Awards. UFO Creative may be “the most fashionable electro pop concert” Seoul has ever seen!

By: Chuljunsung


Event phone: 02-547-5694
Event website: http://ufo-creative.com/
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