Queens Bagel


Taking cues from Utopia Bagel in Queens, New York City; the bagels at Queens Bagel shine at you from the moment that you walk into their small corner location across from Ewha Woman’s University. (An insider bagel tip? A bagel’s shine is one way to tell how good it’ll be.) Perhaps it’s something that owner Park Sang-yong picked up from his training at Utopia Bagels. Shiny and firm on the outside, dense and chewy on the inside—the line for Queens Bagel is out the door during the school year and somewhere from 1,000 to 1,200 bagels are rolling by hand, sold and sold out daily. Paired with one of their interesting cream cheeses (flavors range from bacon-mushroom to Oreo), this three-year old shop is a veteran in the bagel scene. Try the shop’s popular multi-grain bagel with honey walnut cream cheese and even if you’re not a fan of sweet flavors, this just might make you a convert. A major kudos to Queens for leading the Bagelucion!


Venue name: Queens Bagel
Address: 48, Ewhayeodae-gil,

Opening hours: Mon–Fri 7:30am–8pm, Sat 11am– 5pm.
Price: Bagel with cream cheese 3,900 won.

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