16th Seoul International NewMedia Festival (NeMaf)

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Technology surrounds us in almost every corner of our lives. It’s progressing faster than we had ever imagined as each of our needs is met by its devastating effectiveness. It is shaping the way we view our world and how we interact with our surrounding social and physical environments. Take, for example, the internet of things and big data—this digital panopticon we have created for ourselves is the topic of this year’s NeMaf.
This year's theme is expressed by the slogan “Virtual Politicity.” The festival asks the question: Is today’s reality created by the virtual, or is the virtual a mere imitation of reality? With people exposed to technology almost every second of the day, such a reassessment of what reality actually means to us seems more meaningful than ever.
NeMaf is returning for its 16th installment. So far, it claims to have showcased about 2,000 media-based works and discovered 1,000 artists from around the world. It is the largest alternative film/media festival in Korea and the first of its kind in Asia. Its purpose is not to judge the artist’s skills in using new media. Rather, the core focus is on celebrating the content and narrative of new media and the novel and different artworks that result from it. That's how this year's festival ended up with the catchphrase “New Image, New Usage.” Taking place in several different locations around Seoul, including two cinemas in Jongno and various galleries in the artsy Hongdae area, the events will run between from the 4th and the 12th. The festival will present works in three main categories: Screenings of new media movies, exhibitions of new media arts and a lab for new mixed-media arts. Encompassing these categories will be an official opening and closing ceremony.
Unfortunately for those of you interested in submitting a mediabased alternative the submission deadline was the 6th of May. As it is an annual event, make sure to check the dates for next year’s submissions!

By: Chuljunsung


Event website: http://www.nemaf.net
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