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Crazy Multiply is a curator group set out to cultivate community and conversation about film and art. They hold bi-monthly screenings in various venues and alternative spaces around Seoul, and this time it will be the 1991 movie Slackers by Richard Linklater. The film isn’t composed of a firm plot and provides visuals of the nomadic and bohemians lives of outcasts and misfits within society. These peculiar and unique individuals discuss social class, terrorism, joblessness, and media censorship.

Although it’s been over 20 years since the movie’s debut, the contents couldn’t be more relevant now. With black satire melted into the movie, this indie comedy-drama film will surely have you entertained. As long as you buy yourself a drink and something to eat, the screening will be free of charge. Once the movie is over, you will have the opportunity to participate on a discussion between viewers.

By: 박인정

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