Five Nobleman`s Harvest Feast

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Five Nobleman`s Harvest Feast

When hanok villages are empty and not much is going on, there's the extreme danger of them feeling somewhat unrelatable. However, during the Chuseok period, the Namsangol Hanok Village does a pretty good job of filling out the village with its many visitors. The two day event called the "Five Nobleman's Harvest Fest" will have a variety of experiences to see and try out; such as a songpyung making experience, watching charye (ancestral memorial service), dances to see and this year, they will also have screenings of old animated films (Robot Taekwon V, Young-guwa daengchili and Young Shim). They'll also have a hanbok experience where you can borrow hanbok from the village and do all of the following dressed in hanbok (for an extra 10,000 won for two hours). 

By: Hahna Yoon

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