Korea Golf Show 2016

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Korea Golf Show 2016
Photographer CHO MAN EOK

They say that for a true golf lover, the season never ends. But let’s face it; the harsh Korean winter has kept you away from the greens for a good couple of months. Now that spring is almost here, tee off your golf season this spring at the Korea Golf Show 2016. Having attracted over 50,000 visitors last year, the biggest golf show of the year is without a doubt worth a visit for golf fans. Go and find clubs, gloves and shoes at great prices as well as unusual golf accessories, such as a machine to help perfect your form and binoculars that measure distance. Other cool gadgets and the science behind golf equipment can all be found at this golf show. Who knows, you might find the secrets for your first hole-in-one this year!

By: Suyeon Bock


Event phone: 02-6000-1101
Event website: http://kogolf.co.kr
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