National Geographic's World of Mystery Exhibition

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BEVERLY JOUBERT/National Geograp Man working on jeep under a cloud-filled sky with rainbow.

National Geographic, now more widely recognized for its TV channel, is rooted in its magazine, which was first published in 1888. Especially loved for their photos of places, the people and animals in the photos tell equally compelling stories. Just check out their Instagram (@natgeo) and you’ll get a sneak preview at how eye-opening and visually stimulating their images are. Now at the Seoul Arts Center, you can see these iconic photographs blown-up and up-close. Here, you can look into the eyes of the “Afghan Girl” by Steve McCurry, made famous from the cover image of the magazine in 1985 and learn a little about her history in addition to various other famous photographs. As their Instagram description reads: “Life is an adventure—enjoy the ride and the world through the eyes of the National Geographic photographers.” 

By: Hahna Yoon


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