Sinchon Pillow Fight

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Sinchon Pillow Fight
Jakub Bożanowski

Remember Sinchon’s water gun fights, massive water slides and Oktoberfest held during the past few months? Well now that summer has passed, the university district is getting ready for another get together. To welcome the change in season, a pillow fight will be held on what would normally be a quiet Sunday evening. It might even be a great even to mark the ending of this year’s Chuseok. This year’s party will be separated into three parts. The first will consist of a siesta, the second will be the pillow fight, and the mysterious last will be announced at the event. Although the exact location has yet to be determined, it won’t be a hard sight to miss as you get out of Sinchon Station. Show up at around 5pm, bring your pillow and join the fun!

By: Chuljunsung


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