The Clock of Time Traveler

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The Clock of Time Traveler

Films, paintings and performances will be presented at the Culture Station Seoul 284, all under the theme of time travel. Organized by the Korea Craft and Design Foundation (KCDF), the exhibition includes 76 works of art by 17 different artists and artist groups. 11 Performance art groups will stage their elaborate pieces until July 23rd.

The Clock of Time Traveler is a large-scale exhibition embracing a variety of different media, ranging from interactive media art and installations to dance performances and films. Under the theme of ‘how the past and the future meet the present’, the exhibition is separated into 3 main sections – ‘The Past: the positive clock’, ‘The Future: the oriented clock’ and ‘The Present: the pleasure clock’. The artist has even worked with the art director of Culture Station Seoul 284 to harmonize the historic landmark with the contemporary work on display, so that visitors may be able to feel an interesting warp of time.

As part of the Time Traveler’s Clock exhibition, 36 films will be shown at Culture Station Seoul 284 until the end of June. The selection includes family-friendly animations including Adieu Galaxy Express 999 and Hollywood films including Inception and Edge of Tomorrow. There are 3 screenings per day. Check the event website for schedules.

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