CrossFit Free Trials and Paleo BBQ

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CrossFit Free Trials and Paleo BBQ

Fitness warriors and wannabes, here's your chance to find out more about CrossFit. Touted to be the workout philosophy that is suitable for people of all fitness levels, CrossFit incorporates elements from various sports and exercises with the aim of honing these ten skills: endurance, speed, stamina, coordination, strength, agility, flexibility, balance, power, and accuracy. CrossFit Bukit Timah at Turf City lays claim to be the largest CrossFit facility in Singapore, and they're running free trials on Saturday, 25 October at their opening launch. It's not all work though - they've promised a paleo BBQ (yes, meat is celebrated!) and healthy treats. 

The free trial sessions run hourly from 9am. Slots are limited, so register ahead to book your place.


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