EWZ Stattkino 15 - The Big Lebowski

Film, Comedy
The Big Lebowski, Zurich film screening, Time Out Switzerland

Time Out says

Dress in your best-worst bathrobe and bring your bowling bag to this rather special screening as part of EWZ Stattkino 15.

The storyline of the Coen brothers’ cult film has inspired EWZ Stattkino 15 to create an evening that promises to be riotously entertaining. For those who need a reminder, the 1998 film cast Jeff Bridges as the ‘Dude’ Lebowski, an unemployed layabout who spends his days bowling, smoking and drinking White Russians. After two disgruntled debt collectors mistake him for the millionaire Big Lebowski, the Dude becomes embroiled in a plot involving kidnap, ransom and retribution for a ruined rug.  Inspired by the story, EWZ Stattkino 15 invites moviegoers to come to this screening dressed as the ‘Dude’ in their ugliest bathrobe, and enjoy a spot of bowling before and after the film. A free White Russian cocktail is on offer for anyone who gets a strike, and there will be prizes for the best outfits too, including a bathrobe and a rug. Genius.