Club Ate

Justin Shoulder and Bhenji Ra for Club Ate
Photograph: Jack Mannix

Club Ate is the brainchild of artists Bhenji Ra and Justin Shoulder and it’s a party that highlights artists and performers from queer Asia-Pacific diaspora. ‘Ate’ is Tagalog (Filipino) for ‘older sister’ and is used as a term of endearment to embrace the far reaching tendrils of a creative clubbing community. Though infrequent, Club Ate has a memorable, undulating program of sit-down performance, heaving dancefloors, participatory voguing and exciting, dissonant decoration, and the party has popped up at the Red Rattler and ACMI in Melbourne in the past.

The latest instalment bubbling from the collaborative cauldron of the artists and their Ates is frothing up at Blacktown Arts Centre this weekend as part of the gallery's exhibiton Balik-Bayan. Free with registration, catch diverse performances and visual works from artists: Angela Goh, Athena Thebus, Bhenji Ra, Del Lumanta, Eunice Andrada, Jamaica, JD Reforma, Koco Carey, Romans, Slé, Tristan Jalleh, Young Brujo and more.



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