Florilegium: Sydney's Painted Garden

Art, Paintings
Florilegium Sydney's painted garden 2016 Sydney Living Museums Magnolia grandiflora by Jenny Phillips
Illustration: Jenny Phillips Magnolia grandiflora (Bull Bay Magnolia)

Celebrate the renaissance in botanical illustration with this exhibition of artworks from the Royal Botanic Gardens’ Florilegium Society

ICYMI: botanical illustration is back – and hipper than ever, thanks to young artists and designers like Edith Rewa and Adriana Picker.

In conjunction with the 200th anniversary of Sydney's Royal Botanic Gardens, this exhibition showcases contemporary botanical illustrations and paintings created by members of the Florilegium Society and donated to the RBG Trust.

What even is a florilegium? It's a compendium of botanically correct illustrations of plants. Sydney's Florilegium Society was formed in 2005 for the purposes of illustrating important plants from the Royal Botanic Gardens collection.

Artists from Australia and beyond were invited to join the society and make submissions against a supplied list of significant plants held in the living collections of the three botanic gardens: Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, the Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan and the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden Mount Tomah. The end result is the 224-page compendium The Florilegium.

Florilegium: Sydney's Painted Garden will feature 87 original paintings featured in the book.

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