Robin Schwartz: Amelia and the Animals

Art, Photography
SINGLE USE ONLY Trunk Sniff Robin Schwartz from Amelia and the Animals exhibition courtesy of Black Eye Gallery and Head On Photo Festival 2017
Photograph from Amelia and the Animals by Robin Schwartz , courtesy of Black Eye Gallery and Head On Photo Festival. 'Trunk sniff' (image cropped)

This exhibition of extraordinary images charts a 13-year relationship between a mother, daughter and the animals they're obsessed with

Robin Schwartz has photographed animals for most of her career; but it was only 13 years ago that she decided to photograph her then-3-year-old daughter Amelia with one of her primate subjects. The chemistry was instant: Amelia had a way with animals (now 17, she wants to work with primates as a career). This exhibition of photographs from across the 13 years documents the special bond between mother, daughter and the animals they've met along the way.

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