Get Out sneak preview

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Get Out
Photograph: Justin Lubin

Time Out says

See the movie everyone's talking about before everyone else

In the US, Get Out has made over $183 million. That may not sound like much compared to the Fasts and Furiouses of this world – except that Get Out was made on a paltry budget of just $4.5 million by a first-time director.  

Comedian-turned filmmaker Jordan Peele is one happy camper right about now.

The movie opens in Australia on May 4, but the Hayden Orpheum in Cremorne is having a preview this Friday night. 

The movie is a creepy but funny thriller that riffs on racism in America and it has obviously touched a nerve. When Time Out spoke to Jordan Peele recently he talked about being black in America, the subtexts in famous horror movies like The Fly and Rosemary's Baby, and the question that niggled at him: can you make a horror movie where the white people are the bad guys?



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