The Art of The Brick: DC Comics

Lego, Batmobile

Everything is awesome – and cool – when you team LEGO and designer Nathan Sawaya with your favourite comic-book heroes

Australia has Ryan McNaught; New York has Nathan Sawaya – both are one of 13 'LEGO Certified Professionals', and they're responsible for raising the bar for what the little plastic bricks can do. For summer, the Powerhouse Museum has scored the international premiere of a new exhibition featuring over 100 works by Sawaya, designed in collaboration with the artists of DC Comics and themed around the heroes, villains, iconic vehicles and themes of the DC universe – including the Batman, Wonder Woman and a new Batmobile design.

It being LEGO – and the Powerhouse – you can expect the exhibition to feature break-out areas where little LEGO professionals can build their own universes.

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