Ata Kak

Ata Kak
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From a mysterious and infectious 90s tape found in Ghana to the dance floor at Freda's

Ata Kak may not be a household name, but he's certainly a revered figure in dance and world music communities around the world. Self-releasing the Obaa Sima cassette in Ghana in 1994, Ata Kak's addictive drum machine pop laden with his unique vocal gymnastics laid relatively unheard until Brian Shimkovitz (Awesome Tapes From Africa) propelled it onto the internet through his blog 8 years later. The tracks have since become lo-fi dance hits, with a self produced sound that takes cues from West African highlife while melding with the throbs of '90s club synth and an idiosyncratic frenetic rap vocal. It's a seriously joy-inducing listen.

Ata Kak will be performing live at Freda's with support from locals Max & Marco. You'll also be privvy to sets from Jimmy Sing (Goodgod), Hugh B (Outer Time Inner Space - OTIS Records), Lauren Hansom (Condesa Electronics), and Freda's own DJ Salami. Tickets are bound to sell out fast, so hop to it and ensure you don't miss this Ghanaian gem and the inevitably euphoric party he will leave in his wake.



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