Power Plays

Theatre, Drama
Power Plays 1 (Photograph: Lisa Tomasetti)
Photograph: Lisa TomasettiAnthony Gee, Michelle Lim Davidson, Steve Rodgers, Vanessa Downing & Ursula Yovich
Power Plays 2 (Photograph: Lisa Tomasetti)
Photograph: Lisa TomasettiMichelle Lim Davidson in 'When Vampires Shop'
Power Plays 3 (Photograph: Lisa Tomasetti)
Photograph: Lisa TomasettiFull cast, 'When Vampires Shop'
Power Plays 4 (Photograph: Lisa Tomasetti)
Photograph: Lisa TomasettiMichelle Lim Davidson, Vanessa Downing & Steve Rodgers in 'The Green Room'
Power Plays 5 (Photograph: Lisa Tomasetti)
Photograph: Lisa Tomasetti'The Green Room'
Power Plays 6 (Photograph: Lisa Tomasetti)
Photograph: Lisa Tomasetti'Off Centre'
Power Plays 7 (Photograph: Lisa Tomasetti)
Photograph: Lisa Tomasetti'Off Centre'
Power Plays 8 (Photograph: Lisa Tomasetti)
Photograph: Lisa Tomasetti'Hester Beckenbauer’s Good Fortune'
Power Plays 9 (Photograph: Lisa Tomasetti)
Photograph: Lisa Tomasetti'Feminazi'

Five writers, five actors, one theme: Sydney Theatre Company offer up a theatrical degustation featuring 5 short new plays on the theme of power

If you remember Sydney Theatre Company’s 2011 portmanteau piece Money Shots, this is like that: five short plays tackled by one director. The playwrights are Melissa Bubnic, Michele Lee, Nakkiah Lui, Hannie Rayson and Debra Thomas; the director is Paige Rattray – whose production of Bubnic’s Boys Will Be Boys, at Wharf 2, was one of our fist-pump highlights of 2015.

The cast so far features Anthony Gee, Michelle Lim Davidson, Steve Rodgers and Ursula Yovich.

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