Fixing Food

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Fixing food Jody Orcher
Photograph: Amanda Hoh

Hear the experts discuss the sustainable future of food and how to avoid fads

Food can be a whole lot of fun, but as we’re galavanting around restaurants or juggling diets with new trendy ingredients, we often get it rather wrong. Fixing Food is a day of talks tackling global issues in food production, distribution and consumption practices. Held at the Sydney Opera House, it will help audiences understand nutrition, the effects of agricultural processes and the ethical and environmental impact of food choices.

The day starts with diet myth-busting that’ll dissuade you from jumping on the fad-wagon, and comes with a healthy pack-lunch made from Indigenous and locally sourced ingredients. The discussion panel includes New York Times bestselling author and food blogger Sarah Wilson, Indigenous food expert Jody Orcher, and professor Grant Brinkworth from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO).

Afternoon discussions see reformed anti-GMO activist Mark Lynas debate the value of genetically modified food, and environmental journalist Louise Gray explain her moral concerns about eating meat. Attending the full afternoon of talks will simultaneously challenge you to think about your position in the food chain, and get you excited about new food experiences.

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