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Purpose 2018
Photograph: Monica Pronk

This forward thinking festival returns to Sydney for a two-day meeting of the minds

If the current affairs of the world have got you scared or confused then fret no more. The world’s foremost thinkers are set to descend on Sydney to put your mind at ease. From February 27-28 they’ll be in town for Purpose 2018, the festival that celebrates insight and innovation in the ever changing world around us – and to remind us that it’s not all doom and gloom out there.

The festival explores the roles and attitudes of businesses in contemporary society through keynote speeches, creative sessions and social events which draw on the knowledge and insight from leading professionals from home and abroad, all set amongst the creative and collaborative spaces of Waterloo's Commune. 

Paul Hawken, an American environmentalist whose book has the seal of approval from Bill Clinton, will deliver one of this year’s keynote addresses which will focus on how to reverse global warming. Other festival highlights include Rachel Botsman, author of Who Can We Trust? and predictor of the rise of companies like Uber and Airbnb long before they were a twinkle in the eye of their creators and Dr Matthew Beard, a fellow at the Ethics Centre who will be on hand to discuss issues and concerns surrounding artificial intelligence – and tell us whether or not Skynet will rise up and enslave us all.

Rounding out this year’s line-up are comedians Hannah and Eliza Reilly, as well as representatives from the Guardian, ABC and little known tech company Google. Tickets will set you back $999, but discounts are available for startups, not-for-profits, social enterprise and students. Make sure you get yourself a spot and join the conversation.

By: William Dunn

Event website: http://purpose.do/
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