Talk and Taste with Virgilio Martinez

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Virgilio Martinez
Photograph: Supplied

Save your travel dollars because this groundbreaking Peruvian chef is cooking in Sydney this weekend

So, just in case you were wondering flights to Peru right now are just shy of three grand, which makes the $300 you need for a four-course lunch cooked by one of Lima's hottest new-generation chefs a steal by comparison. Virgilio Martinez from Central in Lima has packed his bags and headed down under for Good Food month (the later edition) to take over the kitchen at Barangaroo's Cirrus for a leisurely Saturday lunch.

There'll be canapés and cocktails on arrival, followed by a long lunch with matching wines (cancel your evening plans). You'll also walk away with a copy of Martinez's cook book – it'll make a cracker Christmas pressie for that hard to please gourmand in your life.

You will not get a chance to eat like this in Sydney again. Our South American offerings tend to focus on meaty Argentine fare. This lunch will traverse the Americas, taking inspiration from Amazonian produce, mountainous foraging and coastal delicacies and bringing it all to your plate in Sydney. 

Save your leave and book a seat at this one-off lunch by emailing or calling the restaurant. You deserve a treat.


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