Tampa Shamanic Dreamwork Healing Journeying Divination Circle

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Tampa Shamanic Dreamwork Healing Journeying Divination Circle
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Tampa Shamanic Dreamwork Healing Journeying Divination Circle says
Cost - Donations - pay what you can -
(Suggested Costs $20 - $30).

Bring something to snack on and/or water to share.

Please bring a drum, a rattle, blanket, an eye cover, a journal to write in and a pencil. If you don't have a drum and rattle I have extra of all of this no worries.

We will be creating sacred space and getting to know one another. If a guest comes they will open circle or do ritual or share something with us. Then we will do some protection and opening of the energy fields and mind. Please come prepared to drum and maybe even move as much as your comfort and security level will allowed as the compassionate spirits are more responsive the more energy you put out .

This is for learning how to journey to the compassionate other world realms to meet your compassionate spirit helper/teacher in order for you to develop a relationship of direct divination and a healthy symbiotic relationship with compassionate creation. I will show you through the aid of the drum how to journey and give you an introductory understanding of shamanic journey methods.

If more advanced people show, we will be doing more advanced work and experiences within the circle. I welcome more advanced people to show up and help support this group. After the group ends we can do healing and sharing of power, and other advanced methods, ect.

For those of you who have no idea what any of this is.. do not fear... I will show you ! This is all about you and you finding your personal power and your own non-ordinary reality map in order to discover where you really came from and who you really are !

If you want to join my webpages and say hello

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