The 3rd Annual Gelatin Plunge Presented By Caspers Company

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The 3rd Annual Gelatin Plunge Presented By Caspers Company
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The 3rd Annual Gelatin Plunge Presented By Caspers Company says
Have you ever felt like plunging into a gigantic pool of gelatin?

Come on, we know you have – and if you really haven’t, then you’d probably love to see some other people do it, wouldn’t you?! How about some famous people plunging into gelatin -- like some Politicians? Sports Stars? What about your favorite Tampa Bay weatherman... or an icon in local business!

Not only can you see them do it - - you can join them and do it too! HOW IT WORKS 1- INDIVIDUAL or TEAM? You can register as an INDIVIDUAL and take the gelatin plunge by yourself, or if you need moral support, you can register as a cool TEAM and take the plunge with a group of friends.

Once you register, your details will become part of THE LEADERBOARD (under either the TEAM or INDIVIDUAL tabs at the bottom of our CrowdRise page)

2- Each Gelatin Plunger (participant) must raise: •$500 if you are registered as an individual •$300 per person in a team (defined as two or more people)

In order to take the plunge on June 13th you must meet these pledge requirements. (So for example, a team of 5 must raise $1500 between everyone on the team. It is okay if someone is under and someone is over, as long as the required team total is achieved.)

3- But wait! There's more! Why pay the money yourself - instead, solicit pledges to meet or exceed your goal. You have like a bajillion facebook friends, and twitter followers, right?

Now's the time to put that social network to social good! Ask everyone you know to sponsor you by donating just a few bucks. After all, who wouldn't pay to see you plunge into a pool of gelatin? You'll be amazed how quickly your coffers fill to meet the plunge buy-in!

4- Once you've raised your pledge minimum (see #2 above) you're golden! We'll see you at the event! Join us at AAA on Saturday, June 13th. The location is: 1515 N West Shore Blvd, Tampa, FL 33607.
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By: Children's Cancer Center