Next Doors: Contemporary Art in Japan and Korea

Art, Contemporary art
YANG Junguk Fatigue is always with the dream 2013 Wood, motor, thread Photo: Kim Namhee
LEE Sungmi Glass Blanket 2014 Collected broken automobile glass, mixed media
LEE Hyein Right: The Sculpture Made in Thinking of a Tree 2012 Recycled paper, staple, acrylic, wood Left: I Don’t Have a Dog. I Don’t Have a Gun. I’ll Have Your 30min. Sorry! 2012 Felt, wood, wheel, carbon frame Photo: Jun Jiwon

The latest incarnation of the NACT's irregular 'Artist File' series of exhibitions featuring up-and-coming contemporary artists, 'Next Doors' shines the spotlight on a total of 12 fast-rising names from Japan and Korea. Inviting each artist to fill one museum room with their creations, the display is a collaborative effort with the ROK's National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art and highlights the likes of Lee Wonho, who has turned former homeless abodes made of cardboard into installations, Im Heungsoon, whose work explores the tragic history and current touristy reality of Jeju Island, and Aiko Tezuka, who transforms antique textiles into sculptures. This one should be an excellent opportunity to explore the artistic links and differences between close neighbours.

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