Tokyo Designers Week 2011

Tokyo Designers Week 2011

Tokyo's largest design trade show takes place at a Florian Busch-designed site erected in Meiji Jingu Gaien park, with tie-in events held at shops, galleries and cafes around the Aoyama area. This year's Week is intended to reflect appreciation for the support that Japan received after March 11: the overarching theme is 'Love for Earth, People and Objects', and the special events include a concert organised by Mr. Children's Takeshi Kobayashi to benefit people in Tohoku. The main exhibition area focuses on 'environmental design', straddling everything from architecture to fashion to fine art, and there'll also be an opportunity for design students to display their work. Most novel of all is the container exhibition, in which 16 groups of designers have to cram their entire display into a shipping container.

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