All the Hard Core Young Dudes vol. 1

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All the Hard Core Young Dudes vol. 1

First things first: great name. 'All the Hard Core Young Dudes' bundles together a group of young-ish guitar slingers – the kind of punk- and hardcore-infected miscreants you'd normally see somewhere like Earthdom, 20000V or Bushbash – and sets them loose in the classier confines of Shibuya's WWW. It's hard to imagine how this one is going to work out, but the lineup promises a lot of dunderheaded fun even if the venue itself doesn't. Tongue-in-cheek hardcore act Kaisoku Tokyo only formed in 2008 but have already played at Fuji Rock Festival (okay, the out-of-competition Rookie A Go-Go stage, but still...), which is probably further than Pastafasta (underground punk-hardcore), Bad Attack (unflagging punk rock), Rinto-SS (undistinguished punk'n'roll) or The Mornings (unhinged pataphysical freak-punk) will ever get.

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