Francesco Tristano Piano Recital

フランチェスコ・トリスターノ ピアノリサイタル
フランチェスコ・トリスターノ ピアノリサイタル

There aren't many musicians out there who can claim to have played at both the highbrow Lille Piano(s) Festival and Space Ibiza. Pianist Francesco Tristano is as comfortable navigating the works of J.S. Bach and John Cage as he is Derrick May and Carl Craig, which might be why you're as likely to see him in a nightclub as a concert hall. He's played at Unit and WWW on past Tokyo trips, but is now taking on the Saitama Arts Theatre with a recital of both Bach and a few of his own compositions. Should be a good one, even if you aren't too familiar with the intricacies of classical music.


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