Legend of Rock at Yaon Vol. 5

Legend of Rock at Yaon Vol. 5

Time Out says

The butt of countless jokes, Japan's tribute band scene is nonetheless large enough to support grandiose gigs such as this, attended by fans who realise their musical heroes are either too old, too dead or too past-it to relive their previous glories for themselves. This year's Legend of Rock outdoor spectacular features many of the event's staple acts, among them Hattallica (as Metallica), The Beggars (as The Rolling Stones) and the justifiably legendary Jimisen (as Jimi Hendrix). It's a bizarre spectacle, but one executed with enough affection, tongue-in-cheek humour and technical proficiency to win over all but the most ardent haters; just try not to get offended by the unfortunately named Queen copyists, Queer.


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