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Best known overseas for his 2008 glitch-pop masterpiece Pop Ooga, Shuta Hasunuma isn't content with being a mere laptop musician – he prefers to perform his compositions in elaborate settings, including the only-slightly-hyperbolically named Shuta Hasunuma Philharmonic Orchestra. His latest wheeze is this daytime concert, which promises to offer a 'new vision' of what a music event can do... and, yeah, we hear that line pretty much every week, but coming from Hasunuma we're a little more inclined to believe it. He'll be performing with many of the members of the aforementioned Philharmonic, and the bill includes veteran stage and performance artist Norimizu Ameya, avant-rock band Kukan-Gendai and electronica-pop songstress Misako Kinoshita, to name but a few.


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