Rocks Tokyo 2012

Rocks Tokyo 2012

Organised by a former editor-in-chief of Rockin' On Japan, this two-day outdoor music festival might easily be mistaken for one of the events organised by the influential music periodical (see: Rock in Japan, Countdown Japan, et al.). Rocks Tokyo's chief distinguishing feature isn't so much the lineup – a predictable assortment of domestic rock, punk and indie guitar bands that's distinguished only by the presence of Primal Scream – as the fact that it's held within the city limits, rather than a far-flung venue in Chiba or Ibaraki Prefecture. Just pray that there isn't a repeat of what happened last year, when the (otherwise rather nice) bayside location was bombarded by premature June showers throughout the weekend. Here's the lineup so far...

May 26: Acidman, The Band Apart, Bigmama, Flip, Gen Hoshino, Jun Sky Walker(s), Low IQ 101 & Master Low, Nubo, One OK Rock, Straightener, 10-Feet, Totalfat, White Ash
May 27: Andymori, The Bawdies, The Bohemians, [Champagne], Creephyp, Ryota Fujimaki, Plenty, Primal Scream, Sakanaction, Sambomaster, Shinsei Kamatttechan, Shikao Suga

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