Shakuhachi Recital with Akikazu Nakamura

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Shakuhachi Recital with Akikazu Nakamura

Playing of the shakuhachi, a traditional bamboo flute closely associated with the late Fuke sect of Zen Buddhism, was banned during the Meiji Restoration of 1868 due to the sect's amicable relationship with the Edo shogunate. Such hard times have mostly faded from the collective memory, but shakuhachi masters are still few and far between in Japan. The globetrotting Akikazu Nakamura, who has performed in more than 40 countries, is one of these rare virtuosos and specialises in the meditative breathing techniques and tunes of Edo-era komuso monks. Catch his breathtaking, mysterious performance in Otemachi this July – advance tickets can be purchased by emailing


Event phone: 03 5374 8373
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