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Tsukugyoku has been maintaining the traditional flavours of their products since the time of Kabuki’s origin all the way back to the Edo period. You can get your own taste of their tsukudani (preserved food boiled in soy), the first of its kind to receive an attestation from The Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs, from their stall located in the Kabuki-za’s first floor, east-wing sales area. The exquisite flavour of their tsukudani is the sum of the time-honoured traditions and masterful skills that have been handed down within the company for generations – not unlike how kabuki’s greatness can be traced to the traditions and skills that have been handed down from one legend to the next. In any event, they make for a truly traditional souvenir commemorating a visit to the Kabuki-za, or to Tokyo. Don’t miss out on their fukimame (fava beans), which come highly recommended by renowned food journalist Asako Kishi. During the Kabuki-za remodelling, you can find Tsukugyoku’s products at their flagship shop and their Sugamo branch.



Address: 2-2-8 Shinonome, Koto, Tokyo

Transport: Shinonome station (Rinkai Line)

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