Absurd Heroine / Tragic Myth Selected Video Works By Maria Flawia Litwin

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Absurd Heroine / Tragic Myth   Selected Video Works By Maria Flawia Litwin
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Absurd Heroine / Tragic Myth Selected Video Works By Maria Flawia Litwin says
Absurd Heroine / Tragic Myth
Feb 11 — 21, 2016
Gallery hours are 12pm - 5pm Wednesday to Sunday,
with either artist or curator present

Informed by Marxism and feminism, and often with humour, artist Maria Flawia-Litwin explores the way changes in ideology manifest themselves in her figurative and literal environment. Litwin grew up in both Poland and Australia, and has spent the last eighteen years living and working in Toronto. Although trained as a sculptor, Litwin’s work is not medium specific and takes many forms, including textiles, performance, video photography and fiction writing. Artist Rajni Perera curates this exhibition of Litwin’s diverse and playful practice.

The exhibited works in Absurd Heroine / Tragic Myth focus on video, textile and fibre which morph through elaborate assemblage and durational unravelling. These elements connect gender performance with the concept of absurdism via epic tedium; the Sysiphian Task. Issues of identity are explored through the use of landscape as a stage for the female body to live out it’s own philosophies and mythologies.
Whether as a prop or sentient being, the body becomes a site for and of absorption and labor, a stand-in for the mind. Internalizing repetitive behaviour, rituals form and are performed. The body is conveyed to the viewer as a vessel for experiencing, a way of being present in, and a barrier between the self and, the landscape.
By meticulously creating and then destroying, the self-importance or literal and figurative ‘weight’ of produced objects comes into dangerous question; the perils of intimate creation, although indulged in at length by the artist, become apparent and are shown as ultimately perhaps futile. Panoramic landscapes, brightly coloured objects of intervention and a sense of humour ask unanswerable questions of ownership, belonging, ritual, and the importance of making and breaking.

Please join us for the opening reception on Thursday February 11th, from 7:00pm to 10:00pm
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