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The exhibition "From Here and There" will feature four Toronto based artists Samantha DuuNot, Jana Ghalayini, Abigail Holt and Hannah Zanovello.

Join in on the celebration! There will be great art, great food, music and compelling conversation.

The event will start at 7pm and at 7:30pm an Adhan (call to muslim prayer) will play and all attendees will be invited to participate in the ritual of Muslim prayer.

What happens when we are uprooted from our homeland to inhabit an entirely foreign space? What are the parts of our cultural upbringing that we hold on to? And what are the aspects of ourselves that are left behind in an attempt to forge new connections to the place that we live?

It is important to reflect on the process of how we got here. How our identities have been shaped and how this experience has been manifested. Upon moving to a foreign country, we cling to the aspects of our heritage. Whether this is through rituals, traditions, artifacts, religion, or language. Individuals continue to practise aspects of their cultural identity in order to maintain a connection to the places, regions and territories where they are descendent from. Without these ancestral processes, we may no longer feel bound to our heritages; we become lost individuals devoid of a history.

"From Here And There" features four Toronto based artists who have experience this disassemblage first hand. The multidisciplinary artworks featured in this exhibition have been created through a process of recalling ones ancestry. This recollection involved making journeys, returning home, rummaging through cherished family memorabilia or by doing extensive research in order to establish a bond to a time, place and culture that is no longer immediate.

The distance and disconnect that these individuals feel to their respective homelands is evident in their artworks. Artists Samantha Du, Jana Ghalayini, Abigal Holt, and Hannah Zanovello use the mediums of photography, installation, linoleum printmaking and scanned images to explore this notion of lost self-identity. Through the process of making the works the artists are experiencing the very disconnected sensation that they are depicting in their artworks. In this way the process of making the works becomes almost more meaningful than the visual outcome itself. The artworks featured in “From Here and There” aim to explore the distance that exists between the artists and their withdrawn heritages and ancestry.
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