Kung Fu Fridays: Ninja In The Dragon's Den

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Kung Fu Fridays: Ninja In The Dragon's Den
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Kung Fu Fridays: Ninja In The Dragon's Den says
Kung Fu Fridays has returned to The Royal! It kicks and punches its way back onto the big screen, harder and faster than ever before! Join us for monthly martial arts screenings with video pre-shows and a raffle for fu-tastic prizes!

>>> NINJA Pre-Show Starts at 7:00PM + Feature Starts at 8PM <<<

At last! We’ve got NINJAS at Kung Fu Fridays! And not those lame ones, but the real deal!

Okay, the plot is secondary, so lets quickly sum it up – two opposing warriors, one Japanese (Hiroyuki Sanada) and one Chinese (Conan Lee), are brought together by destiny and the sacrifice of their master, to defeat an all-powerful enemy!!!

Now on to the important stuff like an opening credit sequence featuring ninja's training, from throwing stars to underground tunnelling to climbing trees! Ridiculous stilt fighting! Ninjas galore! God skills! Demon possession! A 1980s ninja themed power ballad! And even more Ninjas!

Our lead ninja, Hiroyuki Sanada, makes his Hong Kong cinema debut after working with Sonny Chiba and he would later go on to star in bigger films including Ringu, The Wolverine, Sunshine, The Last Samurai, and Speed Racer. In a role clearly modelled after Jackie Chan, the star to never was, Conan Lee plays our bumbling kung fu student. Lee’s star never really rose past this and being Chow Yun-fat’s sidekick in Tiger on Beat.

However, what makes everything come together is director Corey Yuen-kwai, Jackie and Sammo’s classmate who broke in the West with Lethal Weapon 4, Romeo Must Die, and Kiss of the Dragon, because of all the awesome work he did in Hong Kong including directing Yes, Madam, Saviour of the Soul, Righting Wrongs, and Fong Sai Yuk, not to mention all the work as action director on 68 films including Zu: The Warriors from the Magic Mountain. Plus, it all comes from the producer of Snake In The Eagle’s Shadow!


Do you even need an excuse to see this?

So come on in to our air conditioned Den and beat the heat with some big screen ninja action!
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By: The Royal Cinema - Toronto