Opening Reception: History Repeating | Kim Dayman

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Opening Reception: History Repeating | Kim Dayman
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Opening Reception: History Repeating | Kim Dayman says
History Repeating
June 1st - 5th 2016
Reception: Thursday June 2nd, 7-9pm
Gallery Hours: Wed – Sat 12-6pm, Sun 12-5pm
Location: Graven Feather Gallery, 906 Queen Street West

The latest exhibition from artist Kim Dayman reminisces about the past drawing parallels between today’s bias information sharing and crafted truths with historical instances when similar bias, that was then widely accepted, is in the present day proven to be false.

Displaying oversized and bold images that mimic antique manuscripts, the exhibition is presented to be overwhelming and domineering to the audience’s sensibilities. When facts are manipulated and presented to illicit audiences’ predetermined emotional responses the sense of control from those with the loudest voices becomes troubling. While contemplating why the work is presented with such force, the viewer is brought back in time through imagery from history when witchcraft and alchemy were the order of the day and hearsay was taken for fact.

Through the exhibition title of History Repeating, the viewer is challenged to examine these patterns of the past and correlate with instances of current day. We have never had more information at our fingertips, yet we have also never had to question as much misinformation as we are fed. With so many unanswered questions in life and so many scientific horizons still to cross, the wisdom to know how little we understand about life and the world around us is a virtue.
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