【Top Career 主催】三菱商事説明会&選考会@University Of Toronto

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【Top Career 主催】三菱商事説明会&選考会@University Of Toronto
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【Top Career 主催】三菱商事説明会&選考会@University Of Toronto says
【三菱商事 会社説明会&選考会】
三菱商事 US Campus Recruitingのお知らせです。
[Please see below for English!]

例年US、カナダ、UK等世界各国でCampus Recruitingを実施している三菱商事。昨年TOP CAREERでのCampus Recruitingでは7名の内定者を輩出。

17:30-20:30 説明選考会
21:00-22:30 近くのレストランで懇親会

【場所】University of Toronto


※詳しい日程・時間・場所についてはお申込み後に、TOP CAREERより参加要件に合致する方々に、メールでご案内をさせて頂く予定ですので、必ず事前にお申し込みください。
※事前にResume(日本語・英語どちらでもOK)の提出が必要になりますので、お申込み後、2016年9月17日(土) 23:59(JST)までに必ずUploadをお願いします。




【Mitsubishi Corporation Info Session& Interview】
Hey everyone, Mitsubishi Corporation is coming to Canada for campus recruiting!

Mitsubishi Corporation has been doing campus recruiting worldwide – in U.S., Canada, U.K., etc. Last year TOP CAREER brought Mitsubishi Corporation to the states for campus recruiting, and 7 students got job offers! This year TOP CAREER is bringing Mitsubishi Corporation again to all of you, and even adding more locations.

【When?】Wednesday, September 21st. 5:30pm-8:30pm
5:30-8:30 Info Session& Interview
9:00-10:30 Dinner with Mitsubishi Corporation Employees

【Where?】University of Toronto
【How to apply?】Please apply via this website:

※Clicking “going” on this Facebook page does not secure your spot; please make sure you apply on our TOP CAREER website. After screening, we will then be e-mailing the details out to the qualified candidates.
※Also, please upload your resume by Saturday, September 17th 11:59pm PDT. (Either Japanese or English is acceptable)

【Who?】those who fit the following criteria can apply:
1. Graduation date falls between August, 2017 and July, 2018
※For those of you who graduate after August, 2018, you can still participate in the Info Session, but you will have to wait till next year for the interview.
2. No prior work experience (excluding part-time job and internships)
3. Do not have family members or relatives working in Mitsubishi Corporation

【What to wear?】
Business Casual
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