Wuji / Collective Shamanic Sound Making

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Wuji / Collective Shamanic Sound Making
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The event creator says
"Come let us stroll at the origin of all things!" Lao Tzu

I had a vision for this event a LONG time ago so apologies to Spirit for taking so long to manifest. In truth, I was afraid and felt unready to meet the vision. But now, I’m ready and feel we're ready y’all!!! Here’s what we’re going to do :)

Coming together and making sound, song and music is one of the oldest practices on the planet to forge unity, raise the vibration, create massive swells of healing energy AND to emit fields of good intention into the greater field and grid of the world. I shall be guiding us into approximately five different shapes, such as sitting in circle, in square, triangle and so on. Each shape will energize us in a different way. Once in the shape, we shall invoke a different virtue to call in, ecstatically embody and transmit to the worlds: humility/courage/truth/compassion/wisdom. I shall offer ignition via a different instrument, sound, refrain and the like to get our free songs going and then it’s all up to us to carry it. This will require us to bring forth a cooperative spirit as we embark on co-creations of sound journeys together, listening to each other to build harmonic textures and also to give space to potential moments of solo-ing, emergences of spoken word rap, dances, even theatrical skits when one feels the need to stand forth and shine on their own, held by the collective field. And then we diminish into a close or stop on a dime—whatever comes. We take a moment to absorb before moving to the next vortex. I shall also be ready to hop into the nexus as spontaneous conductor if guidance is at all needed. It is my hope that this interdependent arising of sound shall also be an exercise in co-creation what that entails.

Clarity Bartleet will also be joining me to lead us through some partner yogic and other group connective textures in the space between sounding vortexes to continue to weave us in playful unity, opening our bodies and souls even more to creative expression.

I’m calling it WUJI, which is ancient Taoist word that is the circle that wraps around yin-yang. it represents the undifferentiated essence of the cosmos itself, from where sound emerged as creator to give form to the universe. This is what we shall be embodying all night long: we shall sit in stillness before each creation as the Great Void and then emit the virtue as if we are creating it in its originality, renewing our own sense of it, and feeling the power of being Creators of cosmic consciousness. It’s going to be wild, profound, soultastic, unifying, healing and a whole bunch of other magical mystery that we’ll reveal together. This will be the beginning (I hope) of a new community practice to be done oftentimes <3

NO MUSICAL EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED. This is not about performing but about a collective reclaiming that we are all musicians and all tapping into a shamanic kind of consciousness :)

Cost: $10-15 (sliding scale) OR PWYC ✊
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