47 Meters Down

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3 out of 5 stars
47 Meters Down

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3 out of 5 stars

Sharks circle a pair of young women trapped in an underwater cage in this enjoyably trashy thriller.

"Just think of the pictures!" exclaims a smiling woman in a bikini to her recently single sister, also smiling in a bikini. The sun is shining in Mexico and they’re feeling adventurous. How can they show off what free spirits they are? By watching hungry sharks from the confines of a rusting boat-cage, of course. Suddenly, we’re—wait for it—47 meters down, oxygen is running low and predators are circling in the murk overhead.

This low budget but highly-effective horror film is exactly the kind of movie that legendary Hollywood D-movie producer Roger Corman would have knocked out in the ’70s: plenty of writhing female limbs fighting off dead-eyed predators, and no surprises in store.

Yet in its atmospheric soundscape and cinematography, and in its taut characterization and storytelling, 47 Meters Down is hugely involving. Shot in the Dominican Republic and water tanks outside London, director Johannes Roberts drags us down to the ocean floor, forcing us to consider, if death were so close, whether we could overcome paralyzing fear. It's a big-screen showcase for the human tenacity for survival, if not of our ability to make evolutionary cinema.

By: Tom Seymour



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Release date:
Friday June 16 2017
89 mins

Cast and crew

Johannes Roberts
Johannes Roberts, Ernest Riera
Mandy Moore
Claire Holt
Matthew Modine

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