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Despite an excellent and promising cast, this Hollywood attempt at a mainstream feminist comedy is flabby and bland. Fonda is the new secretary in the office, Tomlin and Parton are the veterans who teach her to cope with and combat chauvinistic male oppression, incarnated by embezzling boss Coleman. As one might expect, the three club together in a plot to exact revenge, but as soon as their plans get underway, the film degenerates still further into toothless satire and wish-fulfilment slapstick (notably a fantasy involving Coleman's death). And the climax simply underlines the film's lack of courage in its convictions: the trio's tangle of problems are resolved (happily, of course) by a man. Complacent, and even worse, not very funny, despite the efforts of the ever-excellent Tomlin.

By: GA

Release details

Cast and crew

Director: Colin Higgins
Screenwriter: Colin Higgins, Patricia Resnick
Cast: Jane Fonda
Lily Tomlin
Dolly Parton
Dabney Coleman
Sterling Hayden
Elizabeth Wilson
Henry Jones
Lawrence Pressman
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