A Hell of a Day

Movies, Comedy
This energetic Paris-based comedy begins in wild fashion with a furtive fling at a drunken wedding and then gets gradually more chaotic. There's attrition between the classes (Fillières, the pretty but bad-tempered assistant in a photo development shop has a grudge against the bourgeoisie), romantic conspiracy (we witness the comic but pathetic attempts of one self-conscious housewife to cheat on her husband), and plenty of knockabout farce, all orchestrated with considerable wit and charm.

By: GM

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Cast and crew

Director: Marion Vernoux
Screenwriter: Marion Vernoux, Nathalie Kristy
Cast: Karin Viard
Hélène Fillières
Victor Lanoux
Jane Birkin
Sergi López
Clémentine Célarié
Gilbert Melki
Melvil Poupaud
Jonathan Zaccaï